For Bakers

For Registered Event Bakers:

If you’re bringing cupcakes, you may:

  • buy cupcakes to bring
  • bake cupcakes to bring

There is no maximum limit on how many cupcakes you can bring! There is a minimum of of 300 full size cupcakes (150 for each tasting session).  Attendees will exchange one ticket for one cupcake during the event.

All bakers must register their cupcakes to participate. If your cupcakes aren’t registered, you will not be allowed in the door. If you’d like us to post a blog about your cupcakes you will need to provide one recipe of a cupcake you’ll be making.  When registering your cupcakes you will be given a choice to have a blog post about you and your cupcakes. Once registered, we will send you a welcome email with more details and info on your extra tickets for the event.

At the event:

  • Each baker will get at least 4 ft of space & two chairs. Due to the number of bakers (50-150) and attendees you may be at a table with one other baker. You may decorate the table with signage and any size cupcake stand you choose. You may also provide postcards for attendees or other takeaway items. You may not host outside contests at your booth such as a “tweet to win” option, but you may ask them to follow your accounts. Our general hashtag for the event is #cupcakecampLA
  • You will be given a map of the venue with your table location when you arrive so give yourself plenty of time to load and unload cupcakes, set up your table and grab a coffee before the event starts.
  • Signage can only be placed on your table.
  • Bakers are not allowed to sell anything at your table.
  • Someone must stay with your cupcakes at all times to accept tickets.
  • Some ideas for your postcards – include your website address, your twitter or facebook URL and a recipe so attendees will want to save the card.

We open our doors to bakers at 10am. Please arrive no later than 11am. Doors open to the the public at noon.

There will be two cupcake tracks to avoid long lines and cupcake pandemonium. You will need to have all your cupcakes at your station before the first track begins. Please ration your cupcakes for both tracks. You will store extra cupcakes under your table. Please clearly mark your cupcakes so boxes don’t get thrashed by other bakers looking for their cupcakes.

Attendees will receive 10-20 tickets for general admission and VIP. We will provide you with a VIP sign to break up your line to help serve the VIPs quicker. Attendees will exchange one ticket for one cupcake. They must present a ticket to get a cupcake. Do not give anyone a cupcake without exchanging a ticket… it’s not fair to other attendees.

Bring a camera! You’re gonna want to take photos of attendees loving your cupcakes -

After the event:

Share your recipes! Find the recipes you love! Our sponsor is, the first food-themed social network and recipe swap. We’ve invited all our bakers to upload their recipes to the site. You can search for cupcake recipes here. So please feel free to share your recipe with other cupcake lovers there.

That’s it for now – can’t wait!

If you need more help, email us at [email protected]