Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue

Stable to table in seven days,” brags the “Meat Man.”

Every day horses are being sold at auction, transported across the boarder to Canada and Mexico and then slaughtered. Within seven days, the meat is on someone’s plate being sold as a delicacy.  Together we can stop this terrible injustice.

What is Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue?

Jo Deibel

Jo Deibel, Founder

From Jo Deibel, Founder of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue

Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue is a GFAS Accredited equine rescue facility. A nationally recognized 501c3 non profit group dedicated to saving horses bound for slaughter for human consumption. Angel Acres also assists in cases of equine abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Founded by Jo Deibel in 2004 to help save horses bound for slaughter, Angel Acres is a volunteer based, grassroots organization with nationwide outreach.

Since inception, Angel Acres, has rescued, assisted and pulled from kill pens and kill trucks over 300+ horses. We have rescued, retrained and re-homed these horses to new homes all around the nation, including Hawaii and even have one horse adopted to a fabulous family in Canada.

Angel Acres works tirelessly to dispel the “rescue horse myth.” That all rescue horses are unwanted, useless, broken down, crippled and old. ALL horses were wanted at one time, there is NO free breeding in the United States (except wild horses) no one has a litter of horses show up on their doorstep. To this end, we advocate, on a daily basis, the need for awareness that horses are simply homeless NOT unwanted.

Luvie at Angel Acres

We have horses that have gone onto fabulous careers, polo, cross country, fox hunters, trail horses, therapeutic horses, I could go on and on. Many, many, MANY horses are young, healthy and sound, their only fault? Not being fast enough (in our case with the thoroughbreds) to earn their keep.

We work hard to promote breeder and owner responsibility. To encourage breeders to breed for quality and not quantity thereby helping to decrease the number of homeless horses needing assistance as their life progresses. And finally, we want to see an end to the exportation of horses to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

We also help horses owners in need of assistance – owners with a job loss, financial or family crisis – to keep the horses from ending up at auction or worse. There was NO horse owner bail out, so we started Mattie’s Legacy Fund to assist owners and help keep horses safe until a home can be found, the horse owner is back on their feet or until they could come into the rescue, thereby keeping the horse out of the slaughter pipeline.

Connect with Angel Acres:

Visit the official Angel Acres Horse Rescue Website
Angel Acres on Twitter
Angel Acres on Facebook
Angel Acres on Youtube

Contact info: Angel Acres, PO Box 62, Glenville, PA 17329

Why did CupcakeCamp LA pick Angel Acres as a featured charity?

Daisy Duke at Angel Acres

Message from Babette Pepaj, founder of & CupcakeCamp LA Producer

A couple of years ago, I happen to stumble upon an episode of Bryant Gumbel’s “Real Sports” on HBO. The episode was titled “Running for their Lives” and was produced by Bernard Goldberg.

I had never really thought of what happens to horses after they stop racing. I simply assumed the owners who could afford to race those horses could also afford to care for them. After all, we take care of our cats, dogs, birds until they find their way to the “Rainbow Bridge.” Right? I was so wrong.

In his report, Goldberg exposed a common scenario in which horses at the end of their racing careers and thus no longer deemed useful by their owners are sold in auctions to “killer buyers” who then have the animals shipped to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. The horses eventually become meat in other countries where diners who pay top dollar for the delicacy.  This particular episode was so powerful it earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Journalism.

Hayley at Angel Acres

After watching the episode, I immediately started to search online for the organization featured in the story and found myself on Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue’s website. I wanted to make a donation, enough to rescue one horse at least so I decided to reach out and call the organization to make sure  the organization was legit.  I spoke to the owner Jo Deibel on the phone for an hour. (Who does that anymore?)  She was in Glenville, Pennsylvania and running her horse haven out of her own barn. (Who does that?)

I was so impressed with Jo’s dedication that I told her I was going to make a donation.  (She was probably thinking… “oh sure.”) That day I sent in $350 which for me was a lot of money at the time. I was building a business and every penny I had was going to it. But after talking to Jo, I realized I could actually make a difference.

Cee Cee at Angel Acres

A few days later Jo emailed me to let me know I had saved a horse. I really can’t describe what it’s like to know you saved an animal. What I like about Jo and what her team at Angel Acres are doing is that every penny of your donation goes directly to the horses. After we send along our donation from CupcakeCamp LA to Jo, I’ve asked them to share with us throughout the year what our donation has gone to.  We will update our attendees on how the horses are doing.

The moment I thought about hosting CupcakeCamp in LA, I thought of Jo. Some folks ask us, since you’re a food site and the event is about cupcakes… why not support a local food bank or some food charity? I agree… that totally makes sense. But when you’re creating an event like this, you want it to come from the heart. You want to really believe in the charities you are fighting for. Angel Acres is one of those for me. I know the people, I’ve seen the horses and I completely believe in their cause. This why Angels Acres is part of CupcakeCamp LA.

If you’re curious about watching the HBO episode, you can see them here:

Not attending CupcakeCamp LA, but want to donate? You can do that here:


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