Rachel & Kassandra Workman of Sugar Babies Cupcakery

Cupcake Recipes

Are you a pro or amateur baker?
We are sisters, professional bakers, and owners of the mobile cupcake bakery (truck!), Sugar Babies Cupcakery!

What type of cupcake will you be bringing to CupcakeCampLA?
We’ll be bringing 3 flavors, which (as of now) will be our “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vanilla buttercream on white cake, our “Red Rose” classic red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and our irresistible “All My Heart” chocolate on chocolate on chocolate flavor.

Why do you want to be part of Cupcake Camp LA?
We started this venture as two sisters who love baking, and love sweets, but hate what they do to our bodies, and that’s where Sugar Babies miniature cupcakes were born. We have been pouring our hearts and souls into this bakery for nine months, and now that we’re finally open we cant wait to share our decadent, extra-delicious, and (most importantly) reasonably-portioned Sugar Babies with everyone we can!

What makes a great cupcake?
A great cupcake makes you feel happy, not guilty. Like a Sugar Babies cupcake, it’s sweet, but petite, guilt-free and made with love!

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?
Peanut butter and chocolate… it is a match made in heaven!

Do you have a favorite cupcake memory?
After a very trying first day of business, the second day we took the truck out we completely sold out! It made all the endless hours of trying new recipes, of staying up until all hours of the night, and all the hard work feel absolutely worth it. We both nearly cried as we did a little dance in the truck after closing up, and it is still one of our favorite memories.

Got a good cupcake tip?
Melon scoops double as great tools for divvying batter equally into your mini baking cups, and ice cream scoops work well for bigger cupcakes too! Try adding cornstarch to frostings to keep them from melting in the heat!

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From Cupcake Camp LA Organizers…
Do you want to join Vanessa and Cupcake Camp LA & bake your own cupcakes? Grab your apron & favorite favorite recipes and get baking!

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