Caitlyn Montgomery from Cait’s Cakes, The Classic Cupcakes

Are you a pro or amateur baker?
An amateur for now… hoping to take my little cakies to bigger and better places soon!

What type of cupcake will you be bringing to CupcakeCampLA?

I know that with every cupcake given, not only do I get to put a smile on someone’s face, but I also help to raise money for a hard working non-profit! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Why do you want to be part of Cupcake Camp LA?
I want to be a part of CupcakeCampLA because I love cupcakes! I’ve always loved cupcakes and being around others who love them as well seems like just the place for me! Plus I plan on owning my own bakery one day, and believe this may come as great experience.

What makes a great cupcake?
A little bit of love and lots of butter and sugar :)

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?
Mmmm…. red velvet.

Do you have a favorite cupcake memory?
I got the nickname ‘cupcake’ in high school because every year, on the last day of school, I brought a homemade cupcake for every student in all 7 of my classes :) It just seemed like the best way to celebrate what, in those days, was our favorite of the entire year!!

Got a good cupcake tip?
Have fun. And don’t stress. I find that I get my best results when I bake with a smile on my face. After all… it is just flour, sugar and a bit of butter. But you are the key to making it a sweet little piece of heaven! Use your imagination, and always give yourself a moment to think outside the box. All of a sudden…. Marshmallows turn into snowmen. Gumdrops into tulips. And licorice into smilies :)

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From Cupcake Camp LA Organizers…
Do you want to join Caitlyn and Cupcake Camp LA & bake your own cupcakes? Grab your apron & favorite favorite recipes and get baking!

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